Selected Publications

TAPESTRY: A Blockchain based Service forTrusted Interaction Online

Pre-print arXiv 1905.06186
Y. Yang, D. Cooper, J. Collomosse, C. Dragan, M. Manulis, J. Steane, A. Manohar, J. Briggs, H. Jones, W. Moncur

TAPESTRY: Visualizing Interwoven Identities for Trust Provenance

Proc. IEEE Symposium on Visualization for Cybersecurity VizSec) 2018
Y. Yang, J. Collomosse, A. Manohar, J. Briggs, J. Steane

Making Sense of Blockchain Applications: A typology for HCI

Proc. ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2018
C. Elsden, A. Manohar, J. Briggs, M. Harding, C. Speed, J. Vines

Bootstrapping Online Trust: Timeline Activity Proofs

Proc. ESORICS Intl. Workshops. Data Privacy Management, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology 2018
C. Dragan, M. Manulis

The Role of Psychology in Understanding Online Trust

Psychological and Behavioral Examinations in Cyber Security. Book Chapter Ch. 7, pp.109-132
H. Jones, W. Moncur

Formal Expert Group / Policy Evidence

Lord Holmes Roundtable on Distributed Ledger Technology for the Public Good

J. Collomosse

Blockchains, AI and the Future of Recordkeeping

J. Collomosse

Keynotes and Invited Talks

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